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Sounds like a good business to me.
Often credit terms are influenced by the marketplace and in order to succeed in a competitive environment, you must match or exceed what your competitors are offering in terms of credit.

That’s when you need to be confident that your terms of trade can be relied upon.

Provided you take precautions, you can minimise the risk of bad debts. By using credit checks and Personal Guarantees, it sounds like you are doing so.

Credit Checks can be cost prohibitive for some of us soloist, Eager, and i reckon a number of those Guarantees would come back unsigned.

BTW, do use Veda, D&B, or is there a better offering out there?

With the addition of clauses to cover collection costs, and appropriate privacy dosclosures to allow you to research personal credit history as well as commercial, it sounds like you have it covered.

Just out for those sneaky administrators who sell your gear before you have a chance to get it back :)