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Hugh Thyer
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There is a risk in being ‘too professional’ and a risk in not being professional enough.

If you’re too professional, you run the risk of being boring. Your website needs to attract attention and make people want to find out more. But if you’re not professional enough in your approach people wont take you seriously.

You’re really aiming for a fun approach with a serious message.

What is your target audience? Is it people who ALREADY know about SSL certificates? If its not, then you’ve got nothing on your site to educate people.

One way of getting leads would be to offer a free report such as “7 Ways To Protect Your Business From Online Fraud” or something like this.

One way to put it together might be splitting it into two sections. One side is for people who just want to purchase a certificate, the other for people who want to know more. Then on one side, put your free report offer.

Anyway, just my thoughts,


PS Once you build a relationship with your customer, you might find that the SSL certificates are only the front end to what could be a much larger consulting, web design, security business at the back end.