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hi for everyone i am so glad for your help and nice words, just i would like to ask few more things i called to melbourneit i think you know them guys and read on usa websites about WS idea and they said that ws working same as com and is just marketing thing andis up to me, if i got good SEO campaign i can be on 1 page of google as well i dont need com. hmm just com looks better

i am asking once more because i realized few weeks ago that now i got page ranking 4/10 at google on my http://www.istudent.ws domain but my another domain with com got 0 :-(

so i am thinking that would be so divvicult to reach 4 for my com domain and by the time i will have 4 on my com domain i will get 5 on my ws domain

so question is maybe keep ws ?? ohhh i realy dont know is so difficult different opinions from different people but i have no idea who is right :-(

by the way ws as everyone know is trom western samoa but people can think is WebSite as you know TV is from tuvulu something like that but people using and i got examples of succesfull websites as jams.tv or james.tv etc

just i am thinking maybe keep my ws and make marketing as istudent.ws
international student Web Site
or international student – World’s Students

and i can have explanation why i choosen ws domain that our website would like to be different then others etc that we want to be unique and we prefere ws instead com

one thing is i hate sometimes com because many com are link building farms and have no benefit for humanity for all people just stupid thing ehhh

ok any way please help me if someone have good information and good suggestions

thank you so much

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