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Aidan, post: 24253 wrote:
If we are talking meta keywords, they NEVER had any effect in Google and the Yahoo/Bing use of them is so way out there that you would be in real trouble if those engines were using them to help index your pages!

I’ve just written an article at http://adsurf.com.au/2010/01/website-seo/ if anyone cares to read more on seo, both on-site and off.

I think I’m allowed to mention blog posts in context, in any case ignore the ads!

Sorry, but to say NEVER is a VERY strong word. Keywords do have an impact, especially in the past. Most people use too many and it simply dilutes the effect. Try sticking to 4 or 5 and watch the slight difference.

I will openly agree that there is much lesser value now than there has been, but in a highly competitive space watch your rank drop by not having them… and for some dropping 3 ranks can be a disaster….

So in summary, I understand that meta keywords are not so important as they used to be, though your description whilst indexed by Google only has a slightly more importance for ranking, it is VERY important to make it clear to people searching what you do. AFter all, not explaining quickly and clearly enough what you do determines whether they bother to link to your site.