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Hi everyone…

This thread seems to be a little confused so I’ll add my 2c…

Coke and most ‘corporates’ do ‘brand Marketing’ which for most businesses is a waste of money.

Brand can be built many ways. Build some raving customers and your Brand will grow anyway… and its cheaper!

What we need is Direct Response Marketing..stuff that says how our product can help them and how they can get more info. Once you have their contact details you can build the relationship and close the sale.

If you want to be exceptional, give the customer more perceived value than they expect when they paid. Like Adam and his Book on the Blackberry – great service there. Word spreads (which is branding).

If you say one thing and give them another you definitely crossing the line and giving the customer a poor experience. $1 trials are great if you spell it out in the initial sales copy. People are now starting to give away a CD (add shipping) for the same purpose..gives the customer an idea of what your offering and turns them into a warm lead ready for the follow up call or autoresponder.