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Anna, post: 8519 wrote:
New Networking Group – in the Melbourne city area

I have a Coaching business and work with small businesses to improve marketing their business. I am really keen to set up a FREE networking group with other business professionals.
I have attended other networking groups and am eager to take the initiative and form a new group of professionals to meet weekly to discuss general business, networking opportunities and pass on referrals.

My aim is to grow a productive and supportive networking group that can meet up on a regular basis and be proactive in our businesses.

The type of professionals I’m looking for are:

Business Consultant
Cabinet Maker
Car Panel Beating
Car Servicing / Repairs
Computers sales / repairs
Debt Collection
Electrical appliance sales
Financial Management / Planning
Fitness / Personal Trainer
Floor Coverings
Graphic Design
Handy Man
Mortgage Broker
Property Investment
Skin Care Clinic
Used / New car sales
Real Estate Agent
Building Inspector
Bathroom accessories sales
And anyone else who feels they could benefit from or add value to this group.

Please contact me to register your interest, once a reasonable number of people have registered their interest we will organise a day and time to meet one another.

Look forward to some positive responses.

Anna Hancox
[email protected]
0422 093 972

Hello Anna,

I am also interested in joining your new networking group.

I would like to know what time would the meetings take place for I would only be able to attend some days during the day for in the night I am busy with family & business commitments so it would be hard for me to commune but if you are having a conference feature system on which I and many that can not go, can participate for the meetings while you are where you are going to be, it’ll be great if it is in the night.

My name is Ricky, I am a new member, I live in Keilor, Vic. and I am starting an import/export business of mainly new products. My businesses are Josh’s Neo-Line Trade & http://www.d-skinaustralia.com which is part of Josh’s Neo-Line Trade really.

Josh’s Neo-Line Trade also has cheap, simple but modern web design for start up small businesses or sole traders, as a service. I am still working on the website for Josh’s Neo-Line Trade, when is ready, I’ll let you know.

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You can view my profile to know more about me.

Thank you.


Ricky V.
Josh’s Neo-Line Trade
Melbourne, Australia.

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