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It’s a good time to be entering the office cleaning business as it is more recession proof than other industries that you might chose and is definately more recession proof than the house cleaning sector.

Look into having some part-timers or family members on call and ready to go for when you land a contract. This shouldn’t be too hard at the moment.

The number of workers that you will need will depend on the job. Pricing your services is tough for your first few quoates as you will have little idea if you are inexperienced. Many professionals can glance at a job and estimate the time required by breaking a job down into parts and adding up the times of each part on a checklist.

Pricing per square foot is another way but you will almost certainly have to make adjustments for certain variables that differ with each job.

Try to get a fair idea of the staff hours involved, add on a little for costs and profit and then price a bit higher to be on the safe side (most new market players price too low).

It is likely that you will need all your own equipment and you need to look at some extensive product lists from potential suppliers in your area and match these up with the requirements of your first few jobs.

One downside with offices is that you many of your competitors will offer flexible payment terms. Some offer ’30 day’ payment terms and others 14 days so you may be spending a lot before you have money coming in.

Office cleaning is not the most glamorous field to be in but it can be very lucrative for those that put the time into mastering the business.