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rj, welcome to the forum.

From experience ‘pick yourself up , dust your self off and start all over again.

Not only is contact cleaning sort after but consider this, to be able to offer the complete clean, including carpets.

There is so much work out there waiting for young people like yourself who has experience in cleaning, general/ domestic, contract, window, pressure, and add to this lawn mowing and carpet cleaning.

Advertise in your local newspaper , get a website. It will be the carpet cleaning that people are after then they may ask do you do this or do you do that. Thats how it starts one or two customers and before you know it hey, hey how many do I have to employ to keep up with this work.

It just seems to be the carpet cleaning thats gets youwhere you want to be.
Contract cleaning, according to ACCA and BSCAA the going rate is still $ 25.00 ph, I was charging over $35.00 ph ten years ago for contract cleaning. Carpet cleaning will give you $ 100.00+ ph comfortably, without a very high investment.
As you grow you upgrade your equipment and get better qualifications and join an association.

Cleaning is very easy to get into, with very little capital investment.