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Thank you for your welcome and words of wisdom.

For a long time I have been regretting the loss of my business, and angry at myself the most. You’re right, about picking myself up and starting over. I did it once, I can do it again.

Your advice on how to advertise, and how much to charge is also much appreciated. Regarding carpet cleaning, I used to recommend a friend who had a carpet cleaning business, to my clients as I had limited experience and no equipment, which was probably another mistake and possibly generated more business for him. That will change this time round. I will definitely be a regular here and keep all informed.


Burgo has provided a good place to start sourcing clients by advertising in the local papers, and creating a good website. Ask your existing client if he/she can recommend you to their business contacts, start networking, cold canvassing and introducing yourself to local businesses.

Thanks and good luck