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paul77, post: 24235 wrote:
I’m a new joiner and also a cleaning business owner,but only one year. I’m very conscientious to read this thread and it very benefit to me. I have a question about that,how to get commercial contract(such as office,club,shop,etc,i have only one commercial customer now which is introduced by one of my domestic customer.Now i want to extend my business but i have limited ways to do that. So i want to know more methods to approch it,thanks.

Paul77, welcome to the forum. If you realy want to get into that area you will hav to sart by knocking on doors, talking to the right peole and having some form of presentation, unless you have contacts. A very hard market to break into and a very easy market to be kicked out of. You may even need to have a team of cleaners to be able to do the amount of work required in the time allocated for cleaning.

Start by visiting your local shopping centre and the independent shops along the street. Small clubs such as surf clubs bowling clubs, that are independent of any other club.

Approach offices small manufacturing factories and placing an advert in your local newspaper, in the trades section and leave it there even if at first it doesnt make any money.

You unfortunately have to start small and build up your business and your reputation.

Hope that helps