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This thread seems to have repeated itself again.
It has been interesting going back through the posts reading what I wrote and I’m happy to say I wont alter what I said, as it was and most of it still is appropriate.

Some things have changed but most haven’t and I still recommend training with in the cleaning and carpet cleaning industry before you venture out on your own.

There was NO training when I ventured into the cleaning industry, but having got to know those men and women who were running the large associations several were encouraged to introduced training courses into the industry.

ICAN the association I founded over six years ago is now embarking on a training programme for its new members. It already has a large mentoring programme in place new members discuss the area of carpet cleaning they wish to persue. Domestic or commercial. This is where years of experience comes into play. The machinery is different and the new members are advised what equipment they should be looking at. No brands or suppliers are mentioned but recommendations are made should an enquiry happen.

The reason I mention this is if you are considering a career change into cleaning and or carpet cleaning then seek the advice for professionals already in the industry.