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Warren Cottis
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Hello Noir

Unless you have deep pockets please forget the antiquated wholesaler / retailer path.

At the moment you enjoy the glorious thing called “cash sales”!!!

I cannot stress the importance of cash flow… it is the biggest cause of business failure… it doesn’t matter if your business is profitable because business is like Monopoly… when you are out of money the game is over.

If you go to retailers they are going to want you to provide a range of your items immediately and they will want to offer to pay you in 60 days… but guess what?

If your items don’t move fast for the retailer (who is also pushing other supplier’s products) they will come back to you and push your payment out to 90 and 120 days and all the time you are paying for the cost of your items that are sitting in their store.

Worse still… you have no control over the sales process… God knows what skills the sales person has to adequately describe the attributes of your items to the next customer who may or may not walk in the door of the retailer that you have so graciously provided your stock to for free until you get paid. (ooops, that’s a long sentence)

So what’s your alternative?

Embrace the internet where YOU can control all of these variables and sell direct to the public for cash or credit card with a lot less immediate risk.