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warrenc, post: 9372 wrote:
Hi Hector

Regardless of how noble your post was it will unfortunately scare the crap out of anyone who might consider using this company… or perhaps this was your subtle intention… let us know

… and as well their website needs some seo and a revamp

Hey Warren,

Your post in response to my act of goodwill was a bit harsh and if it’s a reflection of the attitude of your company (if that was your subtle intention) I don’t think I would be alone in forming the perception that your post isn’t helpful and restated the SEO case – the words spiteful and shallow come to mind.

I have always had a jaded view of forums such as these as they seem to be more and more occupied in the majority by whiners and mischief makers and not people genuinely seeking to help one another. Looks like this is yet another example. Your reply only serves to deepen this perception and didn’t do this forum and the business you work for any favours either.

All the evidence proves that the guys at salesorder.com are honest, hard working and genuinely doing a good job for me and the customers to which I have spoken. Your assertion was based upon zero experience with them so your comment and company cannot possibly be taken seriously by anyone.

Bottom line – engage brain before using keyboard…reputation takes years to build but can be destroyed in moments by unhelpful and cynical responses like yours. How many people do you suppose I will tell about my unfortunate encounter with you as opposed to my positive experiences with a good firm?

People love to whine………..

Get a life….