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Mumnesia, post: 81986 wrote:
When we are at Expo’s we use our portable eftpos machine, which came supplied with our merchant facility, so we have had it a while. All the rest is through Eway which is an easy to use system and very cheap, it will back off your existing website if you have one. We have a lot of return clients so their details are stored without having to keep asking them.
I think they have an app for phone use now as well.
When we are at split sites, one will have the eftpos and another will take a laptop, so we can take a sale whenever the need arises.
The aspect I like about Eway is that you can track & view all the past sales not just daily totals for reconciliation.

Though, correct me if I’m wrong, with eway you have to pay fees to them (deposit, monthly etc) and then you have to go get your own merchant facility with the bank (which will only give you visa/matercard and will charge fees and a possible deposit) and then you have to go to Amex/Diners if you would like a merchant with them… all a tiresome process (at least for me). With Live EFTPOS I got all of the above from day one and with no monthly fees, no deposit, no contracts etc. I also get reporting that gives me details per transaction as they come so i can reconcile accordingly…

hope the weekend is good!

carl d.