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Julia Nitschke
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I guess if they are looking for a lifestyle choice I think your idea of an online business is good since it can operate at all hours without too much intervention. Its an increasing area and will only get bigger. They can also do it part time before leaving their jobs as a bit of a safety net.

The ideas of cleaning, lawns etc that Burgo mentioned is great since they are areas where people are time poor these days, but with the recession some people are cutting back on non essential services. Having said that, I do know people in these industries who are busier than ever!

Since they have mentioned having a lifestyle, they might need to keep an eye on their long term business strategy.

Sometimes people work hard in their service based business only to find that when they go to retire or sell, the goodwill they created in the business is attached to them personally and without them the business isn’t worth much.

Its not always the case, but small service based business are easily influenced by the person/s who supply the service, not necessarily the business name they represent.

I just I would mention it since looking at what they want long term could help them choose an industry/business type now.

I hope that helps a little