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That’s a very basic form which probably posts directly into a database.
It depends on your website as to how it’s done.
If you want to be able to ‘approve’ posts before going live, that would take another page of work.
If you hit elance.com and say it shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete (It shouldn’t if they are competent) then it’d cost US $20 or so…if you find someone willing to do it.
To make it easy and cause less issues, it’d be best to tell them to ‘use an include file for the database settings and to keep the rest of the code in one file’.

To manage the comments/feedback would require a second file which would need to be secured using ‘.htaccess’. This file would list the comments (grouped into manageable chunks ie comments 1-50 with prev-next links) and a tick box to approve/disapprove each entry.

The first file could then be ‘cut and pasted’ into the page you need and that page renamed as a ‘php’ (or ‘asp’ if windows hosted) file. Should work – especially if you tell them that’s how you will be using the first file.

If you use a content management system then none of this applies (but the principal is the same :P)