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VacuumRobot.com.au, post: 9358 wrote:
Hi Jo, are they willing to rent the shop to you? Are they currently not making a profit? Why don’t you rent a shop with an agent?


Hi Dave :)

I’m not sure what would be the procedure in them renting to me. Wouldn’t it still be similar to vendor financing? I don’t actually know, so please feel free to tell me :) I’m always open to more information.

As far as renting another shop, I actually went to look at another little shop in the same complex for my clothes and accessories range. Then I thought, hey it would be great to put some food in here… and some treats… and some toys. Oh hang on, that was my other shop! haha!
From an ethical/moral standpoint (for me), I wouldn’t be comfortable starting up something similar. You know, same area, same customer base, same format, etc. The bonus is that the current shop is two streets away from my home :)