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The biggest problem I see with the vendor finance option is that there’s a lack of trust. They don’t trust you, they think you sold them a lemon, so it’s unlikely they’re going to trust you with their money!

No offense, but I kind of find it funny when business people ask how they can get their hands on money … isn’t that the point of running a business?

So rather than looking at grants and loans how about changing your primary question to:

“How can I get started now, cheaply and easily, and make enough money to buy the shop back?”

$10-$15k is not a lot of money for a business to make … if you start asking yourself … how can I get started now? How can I make the money I need? … the answer will present itself …

And on a personal note – LOVE the idea. I have a very stupid Ridgeback X Mastiff who needs to eat less preservative filled food!

I was in a cafe the other day and they were selling “make your own dog treats” kits.

Could you maybe start by running a few workshops on how to make preservative free food for your dog? I would totally pay to go to that workshop!!!

Say, three evenings, 20 people charge $295 each = $5,900 – halfway there! Okay, there’ll be some costs, but you see my point … the BEST way for you to get the cash together is to use the awesome money making machine you already have …