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I hope youve all noticed that I kept quiet on this one not that I dont have anything to say but I have been thinking just what is the problem.

I see a person who has at her fingertips an oportunity to make heeps of money I found myself in business after making up preservative-free meals

So lets go back to basics you started out making ” preservative free meals for dogs”.

Yes I know once a retailer always a retailer, BUT to concentrate on the production of these meals a bit of inexpensive marketing. Outlets are the petshops and Vets already established with customers eager to buy anything thats GOOD for their pampered pet/s.

You have an Australian wide market that will consume every ounce of that “preservative FREE food ” you are able to supply.

You have been given some very sound advice. You have a very saleable product, so its time to think differently outside your cumfort zone and GROW your business.

Please understand this is my opinion