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iketz0, post: 0 wrote:
Wow.. Nice story.. I think try to talk to the owner.. who knows?? there are no problem that cannot be solve by smooth conversation.. by the way.. I love dogs too..

Hi iketz0 :) I would have thought the same … until the owner’s husband rang me last week. Very hard person to have a converstion with, he seems to think that every one else is a bit of an idiot, and if he talks fast enough and circles around specific questions enough, that he’ll eventually be able to talk you into what he wants.

They don’t have a breakdown list of stock, assets, fittings, etc. They’re asking $29,500 based on his assessment of what he wants to sell the shop for.

We spoke for about half an hour and in the end I had to tell him that he was asking way too much and I wouldn’t be interested unless I could see the breakdown costs and have a look at the books.
I said he could give me a ring if he was willing to provide this basic information and I’d be happy to discuss things further from there.
I don’t expect to hear from him in the near future as he’s a bit of a righteous pratt. So, I guess it’s just a waiting game now. It seems a pity to have to wait until the shop goes completely under though.