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SheInspires, post: 9942 wrote:
I think you’re right to take a step back and re-think things.

Getting another rented shop in an area that works for you and the dogs I think is a better option than trying to deal with someone who’s run a perfectly good business into the ground. They are only going to feel duped if you get it back and make it work.

We’ve all seen people who can’t run a business ruin a perfectly good one and refuse to take advice about it. Too much ego and not enough common sense.

Give yourself a fresh space to set up your shop front and online business – preferrably close to a post office for all those orders you’ll be sending out because the online dog market is huge (take full advantage of that and you’ll be able to give more to shelters).

Go for it!

All the best,

Hi Belinda, many thanks for your input :)
Taking a step back has really given me the space to see the whole thing more clearly. I feel quite calm about it now as I know that when the time is right I’ll be guided in the right direction.
I’ve been using the time to do more research, and I may just have come up with a new marketing idea :) Needs a little more looking into, but I have some time to do that now.