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Lis Sowerbutts
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Army of One, post: 9732 wrote:
Have you actually had written advice regarding your tax residency? It is actually very rare to have residency in both countries – I deal with a lot of Australia / NZ clients and have never seen it before. Do you mean you are simply required to lodge a return in both countries?

Hope my information was helpful.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I am definitly an Aujstralian tax resident on the basis of being legally in the country and having been at the same address for over 6 months (way over). According to NZ I have a “permanent place of abode” in New Zealand because I have social ties there and residential property. So as far as I can tell I am therefore tax resident in both but because of the tax treaty won’t be double taxed but do have to file returns in both countries. What the ATO can’t tell me is what numbers I should be putting on invoices my Aussie tax number? my NZ IRD no? both?

The real problem is that the tax laws haven’t caught up with online business – I don’t have an establishment – I have a laptop LOL!

BTW I found a free version of Quicken – the starter version is free in the US and downloadable – it takes a while but seems to work just fine.