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Hi .. welcome and congrats re new business venture (starting a food related business must be one of the toughest … competition and regulations alone !).

A few thoughts :

1. Start with building a profile of your customer. There may be big variations according to the time of day … e.g. late night is likely to attract a different crowd to Sunday lunch perhaps? This will assist you to work out what their buying triggers are and where to find them and how to market to them.

2. Standing out from the crowd is also vital, especially in a high traffic restaurant area – so make sure your shop branding (signage and menu etc) is clear and different .. and you follow the theme inside via your staff (aprons, hats, tshirts with your name on them*)

* available via promotional product and apparel companies such as Thrive Promotional

3. Work out what makes you better or different .. hours of opening, a particular dish … promote that point of difference … not just the name of the restaurant.

4. Initially, think about promoting to your existing customers (and new) via loyalty offers, bring a friend offer, meal deal combos, slow day specials and merchandise offers.

Hope this helps.