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The Cafe Ninja
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It’s a difficult one as Kebab shops are often seen as being at the bottom of the food chain if you’ll pardon my pun.

A lot depends upon your location. You’re running a kebab shop not a restaurant, so let’s not overcomplicate things here. Let’s look at some basics:

– Have you done any research to find out why customers aren’t coming back
– Who are your competitors? Are they busy?
– When are your busy times? When do you open?
– Are you looking at your costs as well as your customers?

You can do all the marketing in the world but if your product isn’t right, people won’t buy it. You need to get some indepedant advice on your product. I suggest doing a couple of mystery diner surveys. Happy to help you with that.

Craig Reid, Process Ninja & former owner of one of Sydney’s top breakfast cafes.