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Where’s your starving crowd?
Whats your location like? (walk by traffic, pubs, transport etc)

The quickest and most effective marketing is flyers. Find out what your old customers loved and what your existing ones hated about the previous management. Address them with a eye catching headline and “Under New Management.” Make it simple as its a simple food :)
Try a discount like “Bring a mate and get your kebab for $5 bucks!” then upsell them a drink or something else. If the ‘bringer’ gets a discount and his mate doesn’t, tell them go grab a mate and they can get a discount too :)
keep it light and humorous and a lot should even grab someone from the street… or come back again with their mates..
Stand out in the traffic flow (people not cars :)) or offer the pub workers a freebie if you can hand out fliers late in the evening near last drinks.
Depends where your shop is located but you should get the idea.

Start with an expiry date of 6am the following day (or when you close) to build urgency and slowly extend it.
Do it for at least a month (and put an expiry on the flier) so they form a habit of eating there and you’ll have a higher retention rate… just make sure you keep handing out fliers but drop the number as you get busier

(I did something similar with my cafe/restaurant and got a 34% increase in regulars)