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zenStudio, post: 9510 wrote:
Just so we all know, web 2.0 is not a technology.
[snip long explanation of web 2.0]

Thanks for the explanation of what web 2.0 is and isn’t, but you completely missed the point of my post.
Business people don’t care (and will never care) about technology … all they want to know is what technology will do for them (i.e. the end result).

You really should sit down with someone who you think is a typical customer and ask them the questions on your survey, and keep changing the questions until they understand what you are asking.

The biggest challenge for technical people starting a business is to be able to communicate effectively with their customers. A business person doesn’t want to talk with someone they don’t understand!

I’m sorry if I sound a little harsh … but if someone says they don’t know what web 2.0 is, don’t spend 5 minutes telling them what it is, ask the question again in normal non technical language.