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Accounting should be the #1 thing that you outsource IMMEDIATELY – because a great accountant will show you how to structure stuff so that you don’t end up in trouble. A great accountant is worth every cent (and more!) that you pay them.

I’m lucky in that my accountant isn’t just awesome, his company also offers a fully integrated back office service, so they take care of our book keeping and our financial planning as well. There’s a lot to be said for an accountant doing all of this stuff for you (“Leela, you’ve got too much money in your account and that’s going to HURT you come tax time … I suggest we invest it in X,Y,Z … “).

I’ve also always outsourced design. I’m not a designer. I don’t pretend to be a designer. I’m actually quite handy with photoshop, dreamweaver and (old school!) pagemaker, but I know I can’t get as good a result as fast as a pro …

Other stuff I’ve tried to do in house … but after 4 years of working too many hours I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s worth every cent to outsource everything I don’t love doing and only do the stuff I love and that I’m good at. I pay other people to do everything else, freeing my time up to do even more (paid!) stuff I love and that I’m good at … it’s an awesome perpetual motion machine of profit! Ohhh … I’m totally TM’ing that …