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What a great question!
When starting out, many entrepreneurs believe that less is more and they attempt to do it all.
But in fact, doing those tasks you don’t like or have little to no experience in doing can really be a huge mistake. Andrew Carnegie once said, “No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself.”
How true!
Through careful outsourcing, brand-new (and established) entrepreneurs can give their bottom line an immediate boost by freeing up their time to work on the critical, income-generating projects that require their expertise. Hopefully, that expertise also represents what they love to do … that’s the reason we all go into business for ourselves, right? To do what we love so we’ll never have to “work” another day in our lives!
We encourage our clients to take another look at the tasks on their plate and begin to delegate some of those administrative type of tasks that most hate to do. Imagine what you could do with more time and less stress in your business!

Love this forum!

Have an awesome day all!
Bobbie Abdallah
Owner, Your Virtual Partner