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I agree with outsourcing accounting, legal, IT, graphic design, etc, but what’s people’s opinion on outsourcing lead generation?

I am contemplating outsourcing lead generation / sales for my new business. I found a similar FS thread on this: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/need-resource-got-good-referral/74-outsource-sales.html, and it is interesting to see how the views contrast to the replies so far on this thread.

I was thinking of using a service a bit like this one that I found through a web search: http://www.lgco.com.au/direct-marketing-case-study.htm

Once I get a lead I am happy to consult to the prospect, I just think some expert advice on getting the leads and someone else to handle the rejections could save me time and emotional stress.

I look forward to hearing other opinions on this.