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I am right in the middle of this question right now with my business officially invoicing from today. I have enquired about outsourcing the following;

  • Accounting and Bookeeping services
  • Graphic Design for logos etc
  • Insurance Broker to get the best deal for me

I bought my MYOB software and have it semi set up but need it detailed by a professional. Hence my other post in the money section.

The graphic design needs to be done properly as I have seem many businesses butcher logo’s and letterheads or just have plain text etc. This will cover business cards, THE logo for the business, vehicles stickers etc.

The last but not least was getting the best deal for all my insurance needs and making sure I was not being ripped off premium wise for being a new business and not knowing that area very well.

So far that is all but as the business grow i will find things that I dislike and will pay someone else to do.