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Andrew Newman, post: 9827 wrote:
What do you see as the aims of the group meeting?


My feeling would be that the smartest thing to do would be to structure it around the Flying Solo ethos … so, aimed at soloists, with an outcome of education in various areas, while also providing a supportive environment (I think a LOT of soloists suffer from working at home and not getting the opportunity to get out and interact with people!).

Education wise – I have a lot of contacts in the business development industry / on the speaking circuit … people who have all kinds of cool stuff they can share, from sales to spiral dynamics … and I’m sure there are a lot of members here too who could offer their expertise to each other …

I like the idea of networking as support and referral (although I don’t like the one person from each industry, model – I think that encourages a lack mentality) as opposed to networking to get clients (which rarely, if ever, works, anyway).