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Lis Sowerbutts
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exstatic – thanks for answering the questions. I should have said I don’t think you price is OTT at all compared to other Australian based companies – the point is that this is a global market.

I disagree re local hosting for ranking sites – I have an australian site ranking #2 (behind the official orgs site) as a .com which is hosted in the US. I certainly think using a .com.au helps = and is essential if you are representing as a local business, but the hosting i think is fairly irrelevant – unless you are after a very,very competitive niche – which most Australian business owners probably aren’t.

Re speed- my main blog gets 100-200 visitors / day – has had up to 1000 a day – and has never been slow or offline. Most small businesses in Australia would have a lot less traffic than that. The reality is that any hosting can have issues and your mileage may vary – but I’ve been very happy with them which is the only reason I recommend them. I agree there are some truely shocking hosts out there and its buyer beware territory.

I also would never sign up for a deal where the domain registration is with the hosting company as it makes it difficult to subsequently more the site – you may want to add that to your FAQ as well.

– the link I gave in my previous response had .com.au registration at $20 – so you are being overcharged if paying significantly more (by bigpond maybe?)