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The Internet Bloke
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Lis Sowerbutts, post: 9513 wrote:
Buying local is nice – but it comes at a fairly steep mark up from what I can see in the local market.

Hi Lis,
Good to see you here, you troublemaker :-)

I’ve found that having price as your only (or main) main purchasing criterion will always result in disappointment.

There are lots of advantages to buying local, even if it does cost a bit more.
(Of course, you should not pay too much either for the services you are purchasing.)

For me, the ability to pick up a phone and be talking to a knowledgeable local person who can actually help me far outweighs the benefits of saving a few dollars a month, and having to deal with crappy service from some support centre jockey who just emails gibberish at you.

Eric G.