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Sounds like a great opportunity so congrats! :)

Building momentum sounds pretty straight forward and with a background in PR shouldn’t be too hard.

How many ways do you have?

The formula people seem to be using is the following:

Write an article “10 quick ways to find ready cash in your business by decluttering” (but get a better/catchier headline hitting what business owners desire :).

Do some cold calling or hit your friends businesses for a practice run and to polish your self presentation. Collect their Testimonials and permission to mention their business in the media ;)

Touch your network and see who knows reporters/editors and direct a press release to them (preferably) or just send it out. There are tricks to writing a good press release though…

Call up your local radio stations and give them your pitch. The more impact you can talk about the better. Mention your testimonials.

Target the relevant business then horizontal market magazines with your article (its new and interesting so shouldn’t be hard).

Be prepared with questions they can ask you and their answers :P

An advertorial book would be good (see ‘How to be rich working 2 days a week’ by Brendan Nichols as an example) but a website with autoresponder/newsletter offering tips and advice is a must.
Send out surveys asking for what peoples problems are (storage/record keeping/whatever fits) and offer solutions via the newsletter.

One thing worth mentioning…if the price is cheap/free, offer the What To Do.
If the price is high…sell the How To Do It.

Be prepared to grow rapidly or it’ll hurt your reputation. Have a step by step business plan people can follow when they are working in your stead.

If you go this far then I’ll be very impressed :D