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Hey there,

As usual there are a heap of great ideas here for you.

Here’s a few ideas to add to the list:

* make a clever uTube piece on how you help declutter the space – maybe for a busy corporate woman and then she can have friends over for dinner without feeling embarrassed about her mess? This theme could then be expanded to show how it works for others in your target market. Make it funny so it’s shared and make sure your website is up there for all to see.

* As for a website and blog idea consider WordPress as a free and easy solution that can be so easily tidied into other internet marketing tactics and offline tactics.

* networking in women’s networks and advertising in their email newsletters could be ideal for you – successful women are busy and appreciate systems so getting in there and systemising their clutter could be a great approach.

The point about being ready for success is great because being able to deliver and getting those referrals will make all the difference. Maybe work up a network of your own declutter businesses so you get a cut when you refer then spill over as needed. Just be sure they can deliver quality.

All the best,