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Lis Sowerbutts, post: 9703 wrote:
@leela I can see the place for social media for building your business brand – which is what i assume you do


I detest brand building for small businesses and think it’s a total waste of time and money …

I ONLY engage in activities that have a HARD ROI. I’ve seen retail businesses use social media very effectively …

ahhh … you see, there-in lies the issue you’d be having with it. A furniture store would NOT tweet about furniture or use Twitter to grow their list. I freaking hate that … Oh I’m going to go on Twitter and just post stuff about my store. That misses the WHOLE point of social networking.

a. it’s social.
b. it’s networking.

If you walked into a networking event and just told everyone about your furniture, what kind of success would you have?

Why would it be any different online?

The whole point of social networking is that it gives you the opportunity to INTERACT with clients and prospects and probably MOST importantly, with potential partners.

If you take the limited view of posting advertising material on social networking sites and then getting grumpy because no one buys within a couple of weeks and then go around protesting that it’s a waste of time and money, you’ve totally missed the point and the power of social networking.

I’ve LITERALLY made more than $40,000 from LinkedIn ALONE this year … not by posting advertising material, but by offering value to prospects and partners and solving their problems without expectation of anything in return.