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The Cafe Ninja
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SheInspires, post: 9958 wrote:
Hey there,

I love that conversation about social media – I’ve just learnt a whole heap, thank you kindly.

I’ve just started being on FaceBook for SheInspires so am in that steep learning curve. So your conversation is really pertinent for me.

Twitter has been something I’ve been considering too but thought I should find my feet with FaceBook first.

As for finding someone that can build a site and then manage the internet marketing of it I think that is possible but difficult. Most specialise in one field and only know a bit about the other.

All the best and many thanks,

I think the social media that you use depends upon what sort of business you have – try them all out and see what works. I’ve found Facebook not very applicable for my business but it works for others. Whatever you do, do one thing – have a look at http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com – it’s highly inspiring.