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mexham, post: 9769 wrote:
I’ve used a service called mailchimp before and have found it pretty good. Good stats and very easy to setup and use.

I tried mailchimp originally for our e-mail campaigns but I found it to be very slow and its delivery rates appalling.

For this kind of stuff you can’t really go past aweber (http://www.aweber.com), it is the industry leader and is constantly working with ISP’s to ensure that their email servers aren’t black listed and have the highest deliverable rates around.

Did you know that for a typical email campaign that you send out, it has been researched that only 40% of emails that are sent actually reach the inbox of your clients.. and then after that only 15-20% open it?

The main reasons for this is the email gets marked as spam even before it hits the inbox! So a good email marketing service is a must.