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Army of One
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This is how you do it:

1. Open Microsoft Excel
2. In column A list all the items you will need to get your business through to making its first sale.
3. In column B put an amount beside each item required for the set up
4. SUM (looks like a funny E) column B to get a total
5. Times your total by 2 and you should be pretty close

I am serious, believe it or not it will actually work out to be pretty close!

My point is that you need to do your research and be very very honest with yourself. The numbers will not lie unless you let them.

I recently heard a fantastic quote which may help put this in perspective:

…the mechanics of running a business are really not very complicated when you get down to essentials – you have to make some stuff and sell it to somebody for more than it cost you…. that’s all there is to it, except for a few million DETAILS!

Have fun!