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andersongray, post: 9746 wrote:
Hi fellow soloists,

My name is Adam Wydeman, and my gorgeous wife and I run Anderson Gray. We’re a web development company with a few simple guarantee’s.

1. Our on time Guarantee
2. Our fixed price Guarantee
3. Our Plain English Guarantee (i.e. No Geek Speak)

You can find us online at http://www.sydneywebdeveloper.com.au – and we’re also based in Melbourne, Shepparton and Newcastle.

Something I’ve noticed over the last 6 months is a huge shift in the collective consciousness about how the business world views a website.

Websites, even as late as the end of last year, were for the most part considered to be an “optional extra” in business. It seems that as of 2009, websites have become the new black and are considered core to business operations.

This would suggest that more and more people believe that they need a website for their business.

Finding a web designer is the easy part. But finding one who understands business, marketing, call to actions and is prepared to work with the client to achieve a better than par result on line is increasingly difficult.

I’d really love to hear feedback from you all about the following:

1. what is the most important thing to your business when it comes to online marketing
2. how you found your website designer (if you have one)
3. rate your website design on a scale of 1 to 10 in effectiveness

If you are looking for a website developer, and want to bounce any idea’s off me, I’d be happy to help.

You can reach me on 1300 0MY WEB (69932) or 0400 077 222 at anytime.

Remember a very simple rule about finding a good web designer:

If they don’t ask you many questions about your business, then they’ll just build a website for you. Not an online extension of your business. Therefore, you’ll probably not end up with the right end result…


Adam Wydeman

Hi Adam
Welcome aboard!
I love the graphic of the filing cabinet on your website… I have the very same one in my office!
You’ll discover that many of us on the forums have web-related questions to ask, so we’ll look forward to your input.