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Adam Randall
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Astrid, post: 9830 wrote:
BTW: I wouldn’t recommend 99designs at all – just read this comment: http://www.graphicpush.com/99designs-bullshit-20

If you have to go onto a contest page at least choose one that works with bidding (as guru.com).


I dont design logos but I would never go to a site like that for a couple of reasons.

My business relies on other businesses, if I send the stuff I need done to the lowest paying, lowest quality overseas offer then I am undermining my own future clients.

I dont believe in exploiting desperate people who will do work with no guarantee of any payment, its not fair to them and its not fair to locally based graphics designers who pay a fortune for the software to even be able to operate.

I think its why people want to do business with people they know, that way business often flows both ways.