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Hi Lis

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes my target audience is Australia. I am not sure what you are meaning by my keywords. In google I have Australia mentioned in my keywords. I can’t really go using Home Shopping Avon Melbourne as I don’t use brand names of products when advertising due to copyright reasons. Avon would fall under the general cosmetics area.
I mix in a alot of websites that are Party Plan related and everyone to date has understood the site is there to give you a fun shop at home experience by choosing eith a mystery or specific party but I am taking what you are saying on board and will look into it further.
The Brownies on the front screen is only a temporary measure and to date I have had a lot of feedback about how yummy they look. This has also thus far attracted people to booking.
I did have a site pal on there and that is where there is a large gap toward the bottom. Recently I have switched computers and am having alot of trouble with adjusting the site at present. Obviously some setting the new computer has doesnt like the editor.
Yes the design is overall old fasioned perhaps but thats just me. Its a simple format the does the job at present. I actually have someone working on a newer updated model on joolma and will go with that when its completed.

Thanks for your thoughts