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Hi there Rhia

I will let you off about my name hehe :) Even though sharon has been a pet hate of mine for as long as i can remember LOL!! :)

Thank you so much for your review of my site. I will look into the keywords. I noticed with changing the title on the site to party plan at its absolute best that it actually showed up under party plan when i googled and thats of course the audience i am looking for. That and Home Parties. As its Australia wide and not just victorian based how would i word that? I will see if i can work it out.

I like the idea of some testimonials on the front page and will look into doing that. Still having a bit of trouble editing the site on this new computer so will hope on another one tomorrow and have a fiddle.

And yes I will pm you as i would love to see your video

Thanks again for your comments.