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zenStudio, post: 10335 wrote:
The average price for a full business website is around $6000, but the people I sell them to fall into either 2 categories.

1: businesses who know the value and treat it like an investment
2: businesses who have been burnt on cheap deals and now need the investment.

And thats it. Its always one or the other.

See, that’s good – you know who your target market is … people like me who are only interested in a good landing page (not a fully customised business website than can be added onto) in order to sell products are not going to pay $6,000 for a page and don’t need a full business website = are not your clients.

Too many business people spend too much time trying to sell to the wrong people because they don’t understand who their target market is.

Every sales conversation should start with a qualifying question – in my case, when I’m selling my full service product, the first question I ask is how much turnover the business is doing. If it’s less than $500k, I know they’re not going to buy so why bother with the conversation? I might sell them something further down my sales funnel that will help them, but I’m not going to work at selling people something they’re not going to buy.