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Hi Leela,

Thanks for your perspective on PR – I can definitely see where you’re coming from!

I am currently working as a journalist, so I deal with a lot of PR people (lucky me!) and press-related activities. I write for a mining publication, so from where I stand I do see value in PR for the companies we deal with, not necessarily in generating sales (at least not from the editorial side) but in building up a reputation in the industry.

However, because I do work for an industry-specific (and somewhat region-specific) publication, the people we write about see value in that they know their information is going directly to potential customers, and our reputation for quality is good enough that people actually read it!

In my job, I’ve seen a lot of PR work, some of it great, some of it terrible – like the time I had to argue with a guy over the phone who kept insisting that the information I was chasing was written in the press release (it wasn’t) which he seemed to be convinced was the single best piece of writing in the history of the English language (it wasn’t).

So PR is fine, but you have to have a specific outcome in mind, and be able to target the right people in the right way for it to be effective – too many people just aim to get press coverage without any thought to what kind of coverage and what they’re trying to achieve.

That’s just my 5c worth :)