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PR (media attention) has its place but I believe it to be out of reach for most micro businesses. What I have found to be useful is that the amount time spent on networking, article writing, networking, meeting people, and did I say networking?

Most of the media attention I’ve had (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV) have occurred because people have heard of me from other sources or because I’ve met the right people at the right time – not because I’ve had a PR company putting me out there. This has taken some years to do and it’s always a pleasant surprise when I get contacted by yet another group wanting to do a story, interview, or whatever.

But, as Leela says, they are usually short lived – print is much better than radio or TV because at least the magazines sit around on coffee tables in dentists and doctors rooms or people’s homes and you can get contacted many months or even a year or two later, after a story has come out.

And of course, your website – keep it active, alive, fresh and growing. This is always a ready source for material for those seeking to know more about your industry.