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Jag – LOVE that idea! It’s brilliant! I will definitely take that up thank you.

Fiona, I will message you now. I used to personally be a bit shy myself, and I’m not a particularly brazen young woman so the networking events help insofar as people are all pretty much in a similar situation to you and are all genuinely interested in knowing about your business and not only what it can offer them but what they can offer you.

There are so many businesses that have no idea as to what a VA actually does and that we really can be such a good business ‘companion’ for want of a better word. It’s all the plusses of having your own Personal Assistant, without the price tag, HR issues or complications of permanent or temp staff.

We’re available around the clock which is great for Soloists renowned for those late night marathons and I know I personally LOVE working of an evening which means the smaller tasks are often there ready for you first thing the next morning!