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Thanks Erin

Now I can see there is a real market for VA’s and wish I had have known about VA’s when I has my business’

I think i said something on another post where Tradies are usually very good at what they do but have no knowledge of Admin Marketing etc This is where i see a good VA helping these Tradies and small business get on their feet and develop the business. Most of these guys just hire a bookkeeper or try to go it alone and thats why so many of them fail.( Doing it on their own)
Thanks again

ps I am impressed what you VA’s do I have put a post on the Carpet Cleaners Forum / ICAN room to see if we gat any responses if so I will then put it to the other 600 members of the forum.
I understand we have a number of VA’s here on the forum, so if thre response is favorable I migh try and create a register of VA’s