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Re international clients, it hasn’t been a real problem. Occasionally I might get someone who can’t access Paypal because they’re in a country it’s not set up in, but usually it’s ok. I also have a secure merchant account through http://www.eway.com.au and linked to my bank account so I can process credit cards online for clients or they can fax to me (I don’t encourage them to send it via email) and I process it for them. However, that’s not much different to Paypal processing credit cards online but it means the money gets to my account later than sooner. Has been working fine for many years though.

I’ve been servicing clients in the US and UK and have in the past had clients from other locations and no, you don’t charge GST to overseas clients.

I always charge in AUD but assist clients with the currency calculations if they need it – something that Paypal will do for them anyway.