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Adam Randall
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we have done a very similar thing to you, we have a database of about 250 businesses at the moment.

A couple things we have done with marketing recently:

We targeted the construction industry and Accountants as a first step.
All up started with a list of about 320 companies targeting both geographical region and size of company.

We first sent out an introduction letter & capability statement.
We then went through the entire database following up with a phone call.
Deleted the ones that said take us of your list or were an obvious bad fit.
We have just sent out our 8 page newsletter to the entire database.
This will be followed up with another phone call
Next month we will send out another newsletter
We will then follow up with a phone call

We also hand write the names and addresses of the contact on the envelope.
This is because looking at my own behavior, I never throw out a letter that has a hand written address, theres a good chance many others do the same thing.

Also if I cannot get a name of a decision maker, then we dont waste our time. Putting “the manager” or “the owner” is a waste of time.

We will keep doing this until the people get to know us and at some point have a need for our services.

Its quite expensive and I suppose the big thing is, is not to expect too much, if I get 2 appointments a week then I am really happy with the campaign and we have been on average getting more than that.

As we whittle down the database, we will tackle more industries until our database is the size that will basically be a full time job for someone.

This is alongside other marketing drives that we are working on too.

Above all dont expect anything to happen with one mailout.